​                                   Nature's Balance

Earth’s inhabitants from plants, animals, oceans, rivers, aquatic life, land, and sky carry the weight of our world and the delicate balance in which they all live. The Iroquois Sky World, the South American underworlds, early native people, their cosmologies, and their understanding of the abilities to flow into and out of dimensional realms suggest an acceptance of no boundaries.

We are co- inhabitants in the world we call home with all that is. Our Earth has perfectly evolved to provide all of what life requires. At one time our peoples understood the importance being the custodians of our planet & the acceptance of the universe. One of the American Native people’s Commandments is “Walk softly and leave no footprint”.  Within first people’s cosmology it is understood that everything is ingrained with spirit and represents a quality of sacredness. A dialogue exists between all that is.

Spiritual Leaders throughout history have been highly regarded for their ability to shun commercialism and channel goodness through the world. Religious deities from ancient cultures and the written words peoples hold sacred, have a commonality with each other. While the first peoples did not have written text and many did not need written text to understand the moral obligations of goodness and respect for all that is. 

Peoples then adopted symbolism from drawings of what they understood and visualized. Most of drawn symbols involve nature, celestial formations, and a correlation of those formations to Earth cycles and calendrical markers.  Each variation of appearance through Homo sapiens adopted their interpretation of symbolism. For some cultures the symbolism evolved into written text.

Ancient Peoples looked to the sky for guidance. They built civilizations based on constellations and sacred alignment. They were so precise they were able to construct temples that captured the summer solstice and winter equinox through the suns rising beam as its rays glow through passage-ways only on those two days. The heavens have been sacred and provided answers for thousands of years.

 Trust your instincts and let the universe be your guide                                 

Non-acceptance of variation is something that has plagued humans from the written word, and the teachings of what was written, only as it applies to their geographic region and text, out of context or not. Wars, death, desecration of our Earth, its inhabitants, water, sky, soil, negativity, not being tuned to the universal frequency, will be the death of us all.