Remember what it was like before you could read and your mother or grandmother read to you? I believed that from the late 1970's through the mid 1960's I had read every children’s book in our city library to my daughters.  I remember my mother and family members reading to me before I could read myself. Today, parents need to work to make ends meet and there is little to no time left for reading many books to your children. Children have minds that take in information like a sponge absorbs water. Audio books are the perfect solution. Unlike TV, hearing words  invokes the imagination that allows both hemispheres of our brain to work together. 

Being too busy hinders our extra time to learn and read. Audio books work while you are in transit, but not recommended if you are operating a vehicle or machinery at the same time.

Many older citizens do not see as they once did. Their eyes get tired easy. For those in extended care and nursing homes Audio Books will keep their minds active and allow them to learn. 

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